Here’s a basic Strength Training Program to follow in the gym.

Video Here – Strength training program exercise demo video

PDF Program here – 12-week strength training program for golf performance


This program is aimed at golfers with a fairly limited experience with strength training and who use the gym, but do not follow a structured exercise program. This is a whole body routine, designed to be performed 3x per week. It includes a squat, lunge, hip hinge, upper body push, upper body pull, brace and rotating movement patterns. Starting in week 1 with low volume and low weight, the volume steps up every 4 weeks. Weight/Load of each exercise is increased once the highest given sets and reps are achieved for 2 consecutive sessions.

Weeks 8 and 12 are unloading weeks (i.e. reduced volume) to allow for optimal recovery and adaptation whilst maintain strength. There is no unload in week 4 due to the low overall volume at the beginning of the program. To start the program, it is recommended using a weight/load that might be slightly too light in order to ensure perfect form and/or to use the first couple of weeks to optimise and improve form on all exercises. During the program, it is advised to use form failure. When perfect form on any given exercise is lost, this is when to stop.

This program employs a simply ‘straight sets’ type loading pattern and similar sets and reps scheme for all exercises, mainly to keep things simple for those new to following an exercise program.

This program should take about 60 minutes. If you do not have time to complete the program, you can reduce the number of sets for some of or all the exercises.

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