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6 Reasons Why I Love The DB Snatch For Golfers

6 Reasons Why I Love The DB Snatch For Golfers

6 Reasons Why I Love The DB Snatch For Golfers

The Dumbbell Snatch (DB Snatch) is a variation to the traditional Olympic Snatch (performed with a Barbell). The DB Snatch is performed with one dumbbell and just like the Barbell Snatch, you can perform different variations such as the Hang Snatch or Power Snatch, for example. I often use the DB Hang Snatch variation with many of my golfers.

Here are 6 reasons why I love the DB Snatch for golfers:

1. Whole Body Power – The DB Snatch is an explosive movement. It requires rapid extension at the ankles, knees and hips; with a forceful ‘shrug’ of the shoulders. The golf swing is an explosive movement that requires power to be created in a short space of time, from the legs similarly to the DB Snatch. The DB Snatch will work the speed-strength end of the force-velocity curve.

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2. Whole Body Strength – Applying force into the ground is essential to complete a good DB Snatch and to generate club head speed in the golf swing. It requires a high amount of concentric strength to accelerate the DB upwards and good eccentric strength to catch the DB. Core strength is also important to transmit forces from the lower body to the upper body and to resist unwanted movement of the core/low back during all phases of the movement. Grip strength is also essential during both the golf swing and DB Snatch.

3. Shoulder Stability – Catching the DB overhead and holding it there at the end of the movement requires good shoulder stability. I sometimes like my clients to hold the DB overhead for a few seconds to work on stability. I might even make them lower the DB down slowly to their shoulder to work on eccentric shoulder strength and stability.

4. Easy to Teach – Compared to the BB Snatch, the DB Snatch is much less time consuming and easier to teach. It also doesn’t require as much flexibility compared to the BB Snatch (especially the DB Hang Snatch variation). It is thought that there is less risk of injury, compared to the Barbell Snatch and golfers might be more confident performing the DB Snatch unsupervised.

5. Low Impact – The DB Snatch is a relatively low-impact power exercise. Unlike some other power exercises, the Snatch can minimise joint stress compared to any jumping type power movements. This makes it a great alternative to doing jumps and bounds to minimise ground contacts within a golf fitness programme (and could be great for older golfers too).

6. Injury Prevention – Training for strength and power in general can help prepare the body for the stresses of the golf swing. Areas of the body that are susceptible to injury for golfers tend to be the wrist, elbow, shoulder and low back. As mentioned above, the DB Snatch helps strengthen the whole body. This includes the muscles and connective tissues running through the wrist, elbow and shoulder. Also mentioned above, the DB Snatch is a great exercise for the core too.

Click HERE for a video of the DB Hang Snatch.

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