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6 Reasons Why I love the Lateral Lunge

6 Reasons Why I love the Lateral Lunge

This blog post will list the reasons why I love the Lateral Lunge. It’s another exercise I love and use with many of my clients in some shape or form. HERE’s the video link of how to perform the Lateral Lunge and reasons why I love the Lateral Lunge.

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  1. Frontal Plane Movement – Most gym goers will perform exercises in the sagittal plane (that’s forwards and backwards or just straight up and down), that’s squats, forwards lunges, Deadlift etc. Performing exercises in the frontal and transverse planes are also essential, and very important for rotational sports such as golf.
  2. Single Leg Efficiency & Unilateral Training –Loading one leg differently and independently to the other replicates the golf swing nicely. As we turn into the trail side leg during the backswing and then into the lead side leg during the follow through. The Lateral Lunge is a great unilateral exercise to help strengthen each leg independently.
  3. Weight Transfer – The lateral lunge involves a transfer of weight along the frontal plane, just like in the golf swing. It doesn’t matter what swing style you are doing, there is always some sort of weight transfer involved.
  4. Hip Mobility – The lateral lunge involves mobility around both, the hip you’re squatting down on and the straight leg. The hips (and core) are the powerhouse to the golf swing and if these are stuck (i.e. not moving… not doing a lot), you are going to lose power. Also, as most people spend too much time sitting, chances are you have tight hips… Not good if you’re a golfer!
  5. Glute Strength – The glutes are probably the most important muscle group for golfers and the Lateral Lunge it a great exercise for strengthening them. However, lets not forget other muscles around the hips, such as the quadriceps, hamstrings and adductors, which have been shown to be active during different stages of the golf swing and all used during the Lateral Lunge exercise.
  6. Variations & Progressions – There are many variations and progressions to the Lateral Lunge exercise. You can incorporate all sorts of other movements from reaches to rotations, change the velocity of the exercise and add additional load, all to help improve your golf.

Click HERE to watch the video of who to perform the lateral lunge and why I love the Lateral Lunge.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 17.56.27Table showing Muscle Activity of the lower body and core muscles during different stages of the golf swing. (McHardy & Pollard, 2005).


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