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Athletic Development for Golf (Part 1)

Athletic Development for Golf (Part 1)

A quick Google search, and there’s no shortage of golf exercise programmes. This is great and for the average golfer you cant go too far wrong! But for anyone really wanting to get the most out of their exercise programme for golf, they are selling themselves short.


All this ‘golf specific’ stuff is a load of rubbish. Some bits are great and are a key part to a golf specific strength and conditioning programme (especially during certain times of the year). But it often seems that the golf specific drills for sequencing, mobility and golf movement patterns are the only things that are worked on.

You MUST also use basic movement patterns to improve strength and power in order to achieve maximal strength and power gains. None of these wood chops (mimicking the golf swing) or backswings with resistance bands to improve ‘golf specific’ strength until you can do the basics first.


What should golfers be doing?

Golfers should create a solid foundation of strength and power. This is done through basic movement patterns such as a squat, deadlift, pull up and push up. Just like you need to build a foundation of basic movement patterns (squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, rotate, gait) before more complex ones or loading any movement.

goblet-squatIn Part 2, I will provide an example of a strength and conditioning programme for golf. Click HERE for part 2.



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