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Balance Test/Exercises for Better Golf

Balance Test/Exercises for Better Golf

Balance is essential in the golf swing to maximise efficiency and ball striking.

Here’s some balance exercises is often used as tests. (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO)

  1. Single leg balance – can you simply hold your balance when standing on one leg (20-30seconds).
  2. Single leg balance with torso backswing – same as the above, but making a backswing/torso rotation movement.
  3. Lateral hop and stick – hop to the left and right (3-4 feet is the target), taking off and landing on the same foot. Make sure to stick the landing (think about a soft landing into a small squat type position).
  4. Lateral hop and stick with torso backswing – same as the above but when you land, turn over the the standing left with the upper body.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 13.19.49

These balance exercises are working:

  1. Static and Dynamic Balance
  2. Single leg stability
  3. Upper-lower body separation
  4. Single leg loading/weight transfer

All of the above being important in some respect no mater what golf swing you are trying to make.

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