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Bent Over Row for Better Posture, Movement Efficiency and More Club Head Speed

Bent Over Row for Better Posture, Movement Efficiency and More Club Head Speed

The Bent Over Row has to be one of my favourite back/pulling exercises. Maybe that alone makes me bias as to why this exercise is so great for golfers. Nonetheless, I believe this is such a great exercise for golfers, it warrants its own little post right here.

Firstly, HERE is a video of the Bent Over Row, Variations and How to perform it. 

Here’s five reasons why I think golfers should have the Bent Over Row in their gym routines:

1. Improved Pulling Strength & Club Head Speed– more pulling strength and strength in the back muscles (particularly the Lats) can help power the golf swing and increase club head speed. Stronger muscles around the shoulders can help reduce the risk of injury (particularly to the shoulders, a common area of the body to injure for golfers).
2. Asymmetrical Strength –  Having a strength asymmetry from the right and left side of the body can increase your risk of injury. This can be particularly important for golfers (i.e. golf being an asymmetrical sport), added to the fact that most people are usually stronger on their dominant side too. A dumbbell bent over row is a great example of an exercise which can help reduce any right-left side asymmetries.
3. Improved Posture – Static and dynamic posture is important in the golf swing. Static posture (address position) has got to be the simplest way to improve movement during your golf swing. This is because its easy to repeat/ get into the same position each time you set up to the golf ball. Exercises which work the back can help spine posture which can transfer into your golf set up.
4. More Efficient Swing – With better Scapula/shoulder blade movement and positioning this allows for better movement around the shoulder. If the shoulders are allowed to rotate optimally, you are partly on your way to making an efficient golf swing without necessarily needing to make compensatory movements. Additionally, to piggy-back on the previous point, better posture can help improve swing efficiency too. 
5. Better Core Stability – The core is essential to help transfer power from the lower body, upper body and then to the golf club. The core and lower back strength have been found to correlate to greater club head speeds. The core muscles can also help stabilise the spine and resist unwanted movements during  the golf swing.

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