Mobility and Stability Exercises for Golf

Basic whole body mobility and stability program for golfers. Mobility exercises targeting the shoulder, hips and trunk. And stability exercises targeting the glutes, core and shoulder blades. Only equipment needed is a resistance band and looped band. Posted by | View Post | View Group

Upper Body Power for Golf Club Head Speed

Here’s some ideas to increase upper body power and increase club head speed. The exercises include pressing, pulling, core and overhead movements, which provide a good selection if upper body power is your weak link. Posted by | View Post | View Group

5 Great Movements/Exercises for Golfers

FIVE Movements/exercises for golfers to help improve golf preference and reduce the risk of golfer related injuries. These are pretty simple and can be done at home.¬†They include rotation, hip hinging, posture/set up, spine mobility and awareness, single leg loading and weight transfer and speed/power. Posted by | View Post …

Great Exercise for Golfers – Single Arm Row

With a demonstration on how to perform the Single Arm Row and variations to help improve golf performance and reduce injuries associated with golf. Great for improving pulling strength (and reducing left to right imbalances), shoulder blade stability, core strength/stability and posture. This can transfer to increased club head speed …

Shoulder Mobility for Golf: Simple Tests and Exercises

Here’s a video showing some exercises to help improve shoulder mobility and stability. You can perform a couple of simple tests to determine whether limited range of motion (and apparent limited flexibility) are due to a mobility of stability limitation around the shoulder. Make sure you keep your shoulders healthy, …