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Building Muscle For Better Golf!

Building Muscle For Better Golf!

Building Muscle Wont Hurt Your Golf Swing!

Many golfers are scared of lifting weights as they believe that it could negatively effect their golf swing. They are afraid they will “bulk up” and lose flexibility. This is a MYTH! Both Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have demonstrated that adding extra muscle mass can only help their golf performance. Below is an article from Golf Magazine, noting that Rory’s increased body mass has helped him become the great player he is today.

McIlroy – Built To Last (from Golf Magazine).

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Just like with any other sport, weight training can negatively effect your golf swing and golf game when done wrong! And this is probably what some golfers have done in the past. We are not talking about training like a Body Builder. However, this is the only way most people know how to train.

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What can resistance training do for your game?

It can help you hit the ball further, leaving shorter shots into the greens.

It can give you more control hitting out of the rough.

It can help maintain better posture during your golf swing.

It can help improve balance during your golf swing.

It can reduce your risk of injury.

It can improve self-confidence (and we all know this is important in golf).

It can help you lose weight, reduce the risk of falls and reduce the effects of muscle wastage (Sarcopenia) in the elderly.

If we can lose the Body Building mentality of training, and realise there are better ways to train. When you are stood in front of a mirror (maybe posing), turn around, and now, these are the muscle you want to focus on… muscles such as your glutes, hamstrings and back muscles.

It doesn’t have to be a goal of yours, to add 20lbs of muscle mass, like Rory McIlroy: all I’m asking is for you not to be scared of resistance training. When done correctly, it is only going to help your golf game.

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