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Cardio-Strength Training for Golf

Cardio-Strength Training for Golf

Cardio-Strength Training Video HERE.

Tabata – KB Swings and KB Goblet Squats

The Tabata protocol  lasts for 4 minutes. It involves bouts of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. Repeated 8 times (4minutes in total). The idea during the 20 seconds work is to use high intensity exercises.

In the video example, I chose two exercises, KB Swings and KB Goblet Squats, alternating between the two. Therefore, I would only perform 4 rounds of 20 seconds of both KB Swings and KB Goblet Squats.

The KB Swing is a great exercise for golf. It really works the whole body and requires explosive power. It requires good core strength and stability, hip flexion and extension (i.e. hip hinging), pelvic control, shoulder blade stability and whole body strength and power.

The Goblet Squat is another great exercise for golfers. It requires lower body and core strength (and power when performed quickly) and lower body mobility.

Cardio Strength Training (Giant Set) – DB Split Squats, DB Bent Over Row and Incline DB Bench Press

I have chosen three exercises (one lower body, one upper body push and one upper body pull) to be performed with little to no rest between each. I have chosen to perform 10 repetitions of each exercise before moving onto the next. Perform 3-4 rounds of each exercise.

The DB Split Squat is a great lower body strength exercise for golf. Not only to train the quadriceps, but the glutes (specific glute medius) and requires stability in the frontal plane… important for those golfers who sway or slide during the golf swing.

The DB Bent Over Row (in golf posture) is great for pulling/back strength, shoulder blade stability, core stability and the ability to maintain golf posture… important for those golfers who lose posture during the golf swing.

The Incline DB Bench Press is a great exercise to improve pushing/chest, shoulder and tricep strength and rotator cuff strength. Chest strength is important during the golf swing as the pectoralis major (chest muscle) maximally contracts during the golf swing. Using dumbbells during this exercise helps train the rotator cuff muscles, which are also very active throughout the golf swing.

Advanced Cardio Strength Training (Giant Set) – Deadlift, Pull Ups and Resisted Push Ups

This giant set aims to improve strength at the same time as challenging cardio-respiratory fitness. It is essential that good form is used throughout this giant set (as with the others).  Again, I have chosen one lower body, one upper body push and one upper body pulling exercise. Perform 3 or more rounds.

The Deadlift is a great exercise which helps build strength throughout the whole body. Training muscles of the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, and back) which are very important muscles during the golf swing to maintain posture and to create power throughout the golf swing. Additionally, the Deadlift requires a strong grip, also important for golfers.

Pull Ups are a great exercise for the back, arms and shoulder blades. Pulling strength is essential for generating club head speed during the downswing and shoulder blade strength and stability is essential to allow for proper shoulder movement throughout the golf swing. Similarly to the Deadlift, Pull Ups require good grip strength.

Push Ups are a great exercise (and one of my favourite pushing exercises for golfers). They help build upper body strength (chest, arms and shoulder), require good core strength and pelvic stability and require good shoulder blade movement. All important qualities for any golfer to have.

NB: The aim of this type of training is to keep the tempo high, leaving little rest but maintaining good form throughout. 

For reasons why cardio-respiratory training is important for golfers (other than walking several km during a round of golf), click HERE.

Cardio-Strength Training Video HERE.

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