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Components of Golf Fitness

Components of Golf Fitness

Here’s a quick post showing the different aspects of golf fitness you need to be working on. Below is a really basic diagram to help realise what components of fitness are important to train for golf.

Components of Golf Fitness

Components of Golf Fitness

Quick definitions of the above components:

Balance – the ability to maintain posture and form during movement or static positions.

Posture – static and dynamic positions of the body.

Mobility – the range of motion around a joint (this includes flexibility).

Stability – the ability to resist movement at a joint.

Flexibility – the length of a particular muscle/muscles.

Power – the ability to exert force in a given time. Rate of Force Development (RFD) is basically the speed in which you can produce force.

Strength – the ability to exert force. Strength endurance is the ability to exert force multiple times.

Here’s another way to look at things… Below is a Hierarchy (pyramid), demonstrating those components of fitness which are more important to begin with and which must be in place before developing the other fitness components on top.

Golf Fitness Hierarchy

Golf Fitness Hierarchy

This is purely to give you an idea of the components of golf fitness and how you should prioritise them (to begin with anyway).



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