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Don’t rely on your Willpower for Weight Loss or Golf Performance Nutrition! (Part 1)

Don’t rely on your Willpower for Weight Loss or Golf Performance Nutrition! (Part 1)

Put the right strategies in place so that you don’t need to test your Willpower when it comes to losing weight, improving your body composition and golf performance nutrition!!

Part 1: Weight Loss/Body Comp

This first part will consider an example related to weight loss and body composition. The second part to this post will consider golf performance nutrition.

People often say they have no willpower or that they give in to ‘junk’ food and ‘treats’.  Personally, an example, in which I have found that  most people have their willpower tested when attempting to achieve their weight loss and body composition goals and fail is usually after getting home from work.

If you get home after a long days work, feeling a little hungry and end up trolling through the cupboards to find some quick snack to overcome your hunger, you have already done something wrong. The chances are that if you have something sweet, salty or your favourite ‘treat’ in the cupboard, you are going to tuck in…


Staring at a packet of cookies, salt and vinegar crisps or some chocolate fudge cake in the cupboard when hungry is really going to test your willpower. But firstly, try not to put yourself in this situation. Technically, if you are consuming the correct nutrition throughout the day you shouldn’t have to face this situation when getting home and tucking in to a so called ‘treat’.

Overall, this is more than likely where the problem begins. Why not avoid testing your willpower? – You need to improve your nutrition throughout your working day and this will require certain nutritional strategies.

Putting nutritional strategies together can require a few things to be in place and it might take a little bit of work in the outset but the outcome is definitely rewarding. Here’s a couple of things to consider:

1.Kitchen – you need the right utensils and equipment in your kitchen to make and prepare food for a healthy lifestyle – sounds basic, but how many of us actually do follow it through?
Think about sealable tupperware to store healthy snacks and prepared meals for the next day.

2.Food Shopping – this is an absolute essential to get right. You need to fill your cupboards and fridge/freezer with the right types of foods in order to prepare meals and snacks to take to work. Example of foods include rice and pastas, chicken and salmon and fruit and veg. Pick up healthy snacks such as berries and nuts to snack on too.

An example of a behavioural goal you could use is to pre-prepare your food for the following day whilst making dinner for that evening. It could be as simple as using the left overs from dinner. Simple, but if you follow this through it will avoid the purchase of a sandwich, fast food or chocolate bar the following day.

However, we have all been there… one of those busy days where you legitimately didn’t get a chance to eat or eat properly. This is where I find the following strategy to work well. Something that I personally find works well for me is if I stocked up on healthy snacks and didn’t purchase any so called ‘treats’, I won’t even have the option to eat them when I get home.


This was just one of many examples of where people test their willpower to avoid foods. However, if the correct nutritional strategies are put in place and behavioural goals are set to keep you on target, willpower to avoid ‘treats’ and junk foods will not even be required.

Click HERE for Part 2 on Golf Performance Nutrition.

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