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Don’t rely on your Willpower for Weight Loss or Golf Performance Nutrition! (Part 2)

Don’t rely on your Willpower for Weight Loss or Golf Performance Nutrition! (Part 2)

Part 2: Golf Performance Nutrition!

This is part 2, were I will provide a specific example of where I see golfers test their willpower. Many golfers, however, might not even be attempting to avoid these options of ‘junk’ and ‘unhealthy’ foods available to them at a golf club.
If you haven’t already, read Part 1 to this post HERE, as this second part will make a lot more sense.

A typical example where golfers might test their willpower is the bar after a long round of golf. Imagine coming off the 18th not having eating anything (besides maybe a chocolate bar you picked up at the pro shop before you started) stepping into the bar hungry and thirsty. What’s it to be? A far too common choice is something like a pint of Lager and a bowl of cheesy chips! Yes, I have been there; especially the cheesy chips in my junior golfing days!!

Nothing sounds better after having played a long round of golf. Yet, similarly to the example in the first part of this post, the problem isn’t the choice at the 19th hole, its the lack of nutritional strategies leading up to this point… Not having planned and prepared food and drink for your round. Not only to avoid testing your willpower at the 19th hole but to optimise your performance from the 1st to 18th holes.

Just like in part 1, you will need the right kitchen equipment and the appropriate foods in your kitchen. From there, you can set yourself behavioural goals to pack some snacks for the golf course (e.g. fruit, nuts, sandwich etc).

It is the lack of preparation before your round of golf which will test your willpower after your round. Get your kitchen in order and then prepare food to take with you. Even set yourself behavioural goals to help. You will not need to rely on willpower again.

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