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Essential Exercises for Junior Golfers

Essential Exercises for Junior Golfers

Its often interesting when I see junior golfers, as many might show signs of flexibility issues, but after testing and seeing the way they move, its often is a stability and/or body awareness (compared to mobility) issue. When I talk about Junior golfers in this post, I’m mainly referring to 12-18 years old.

The exercises in this video HERE aren’t necessarily just great for junior golfers, but can be relevant for all golfers too. However, below is a brief explanation why each exercise is particularly great for junior golfers…

  1. Inverted Flyes/Band Pull Aparts – Upper back strength and posture. What might look like a lack of shoulder flexibility is actually limited scapula/shoulder blade stability. Upper back exercises are needed to counteract too much poor posture sitting and/or playing video games, for example.
  2. Deadlift/Hip Hinge Movement – Not only great for posture, but also for body awareness and co-ordination. Many junior golfers might lack co-ordination and body awareness as their bodies change.
  3. Single Arm Plank – great for core stability and learning to resist unwanted movement and stabilise the spine. Core stability is important for maintaining posture during the golf swing (often seeing junior golfers lose posture at some point during their swing).
  4. Single Leg Glute Bridge – strengthening and learning to use the glutes. Using the glutes can help improve hip mobility, particularly if the hamstrings try to take over from the glutes. Similarly to the core, the glutes help maintain posture and power the golf swing.
  5. Overhead Backwards Lunge – This uses the body all together and requires good co-ordination. It also requires stability in the frontal plane which can help reduce lateral slide/sway in the golf swing (often seen in juniors).


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