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Why everybody should be doing Glute bridges…

Why everybody should be doing Glute bridges…

Firstly, a ‘glute bridge’ also known as a ‘hip bridge’ is a commonly used exercise from strength and conditioning to Pilates. See picture below if you are unsure on the glute bridge exercise or click the link HERE to watch a video on how to perform the glute bridge.

The glute bridge is a relatively simple exercise that does not require much co-ordination which targets the gluteal muscles (that’s your bum). The gluteal muscles are very important and if they are not working properly, it can increase the risk of low back pain/injury, hip and knee injuries.

Many people nowadays sit down for many hours during the day. This could be due to work, but also when home and even in the gym (for example, sitting on resistance machines and/or exercise bikes). Sitting down and/or a general lack of physical activity is thought to contribute to weak glutes.

As most of us probably do too much sitting, exercises to target the glutes are very important to reduce the risk of low back, hip and knee injuries and pain. Additionally, if you play a sport, such as golf or you’re an avid runner, for example, I think you will find the gluteal muscles are some of the most important muscles (if not the most important muscles, due to our daily sedentary habits).

My suggestion: If you are currently not doing any glute specific exercises then start right now with the glute bridge. Perform 2 sets of 12 reps daily.

If you currently train your glutes, then it is a good idea to make sure they are ‘active’ and working in a warm up. Performing one to two sets of 12 glute bridges in a warm up will help prepare the glutes for exercise to come and could even help you perform better. This includes before playing golf and running to reducing aches and pains.

I think this includes just about everyone that I recommend to perform glute bridges. Watch the video on how to perform a glute bridge and then there’s no excuse not to do them daily. An added bonus of performing glute bridges is that they will help shape and tone your backside.

Finally, there are many other glute exercises and I am recommending the glute bridge in this post as it is a great place to start due to its simplicity to perform. HERE is a video of more glute exercises.

HERE’s the video on how to perform the glute bridge (Cottesmore Golf Club on Youtube). 

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