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Exercise: Inverted Rows

Exercise: Inverted Rows

Exercise: Inverted Rows

Here’s a great bodyweight exercise to try in the gym. Not only great for golfers, but all gym goers too.  Many people in he gym could do with more pulling exercises in their programs, just like this exercise here.

Why are Inverted Rows so good…?

  1. Test of relative strength – i.e. moving your own body weight. By all means add external weight to make this exercise harder (weighted jacket, backpack, weight plates etc).
  2. Improves posture – shoulder blade retraction in particular. Which is important for many of you who are sat at a desk all day or do more pushing exercises in the gym!
  3. Strengthens whole body – easy to see it how this exercise can strengthen the back and arms, but  this HERE shows other muscles which are also worked during this exercise (including Glutes)!
  4. Helps the golf swing – better shoulder blade (scapula) positioning and improves the strength of muscles attaching to the shoulder blades (such as the rhomboids), which can improve swing plane and strike; and better grip and forearm strength, which is one many lady golfers struggle with.
  5. Core stability – THIS article also shows the amount of muscle activation from the ‘core’ muscles during the Inverted Row.

Watch how to do Inverted Rows HERE. Remember to always use good form, with each rep going from straight arms to your chest-to-bar and back to straight arms (NO CHEATING!). If you haven’t done this exercise before, you might find it difficult to get your chest to the bar… Don’t worry, that will improve with practise. Try 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

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