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Exercise Practise (part 1 of 2)

Exercise Practise (part 1 of 2)

Looking at the average gym user, they seem to think they already have great movement and exercise technique as rarely do I see them practise this. It could also be they can’t be bothered to! They make all that effort to come to the gym and lift weights or run for miles on the treadmill, but couldn’t care less if they are using the safest technique to keep their body’s healthy and injury free.

However, many gym users might not realise they are using poor technique. And I believe this is often the case. People don’t realise they are using poor technique and probably because they have never been shown they will be none the wiser. Alternatively, they have been shown poor technique often by a friend who they trust or have wrongly copied someone else and haven’t quite got it right.

I realise that some people want to get in and out of the gym as quick as possible, and don’t want to “waste” time practising their movement when they could be burning off those extra calories consumed at the weekend. Here is what I am suggesting…

The warm up is a great time where you can work on movement technique.

You have to warm up anyway, so this way, it doesn’t eat into your workout time and the warm up will become far more efficient and effective compared to hopping on the cross trainer for 5 minutes!

Some gym users might already incorporate lunging type movements and maybe stretches or mobility  movements into their warm up. However, doing a few lunges still isn’t movement practise.

Another caution at this point is when you see people doing lunges in their warm up when it’s their upper body day. My point being is that the warm up should be specific to the workout to follow and prepare you for the exercises to come.

Look out for part 2 very soon, for an effective warm up which works on movement practise as well as mobility and activation too.

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