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Get Golfers Strong!

Get Golfers Strong!

Get Golfers Strong

This applies to all golfers; young, old, male, female, pro’ s and weekend warriors. Being stronger is always better, whether it’s for sport or everyday life. And golf is no exception.


Gary Player

Don’t confuse being stronger, with being bigger/“bulky”. These are not the same thing, and require different types of training. Being stronger is NOT going to negatively effect your golf swing, unless you do the wrong sort of training!

Lets not ‘faff’ around too much doing planks, sequencing drills and Yoga all day. These can all be great for golf and have their place but we need to get golfers strong. This part is often forgotten about when you are head deep in mobility and activation drills.

Yoga for Golf WS

Why do golfers need to be strong?

  • Hit the ball further – I don’t know any golfer who doesn’t want to hit the ball further. Also, this is essential for up-and-coming golfers, aspiring to play on tour; you need to hit it long!
  • Lower handicap – hitting the ball further can certainly help lower your handicap and makes the game a bit easier if you are hitting less club into each green.
  • Improve balance – a strong lower body can provide a great foundation to create high club head speeds. Furthermore, a strong base of support is essential to apply your strength and power to the golf ball (there’s no point shooting a cannon from a rubber dinghy!)
  • Decrease injury risk – stronger muscles are injury resistant. Especially when you think of the stress the golf swing puts on the body. Make sure your body is strong and prepared for golf!
  • Fit for golf: Fit for life – being strong helps during everyday life. Strength training specific to golf will help strengthen muscles, bones and connective tissues. It can make everyday jobs much easier, can help reduce muscle wasting from old age, increase confidence and self esteem etc.
  • Improve flexibility and movement – a good strength training programme can increase flexibility and improve movement patterns. A couple of essential attributes for golf.
  • FUN – strength training itself can be fun and you can gain a feeling of accomplishment when moving more weight. Also, it can help make golf more fun; that is if you’re hitting the ball further and not having to miss playing through injury.

Specific strength training exercises are beyond the scope of this post, however, a future post will mention specific strength training exercises for golfers.


Blair O’neal (Pro Golfer)

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