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Glutes for Golf using the GolfBand Loop

Glutes for Golf using the GolfBand Loop

Using resistance bands such as the GolfBand Loop can be a useful training aid to target the glutes (gluteus maximus/gluteus medius/ gluteus minimus).

The glute muscles are very important in the golf swing. For example, being able to load into the trail side leg/hip (whilst maintaining posture and stability and not swaying) and then loading into the lead hip during the downswing/follow-through without sliding. And also, generating power in the downswing.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 17.56.27

Here’s 5 of my favourite glute exercises using the GolfBand Loop:

1. Mini-Band/Lateral Walks – targeting the glute medius and minimus during hip abduction

2. Lateral ‘in and outs’ – again, targeting the glute medius, moving a little quicker this time whilst maintaining stability on the standing leg.

3. Monster Walks – targeting the glute medius, minimus and glute max (also hip flexor muscles too when ‘monster’ walking forwards).

4. Hip Abductions and Extensions (standing and Plank position) – Abductions targeting the glute medius and minimus and extensions targeting the glute max.

5. Standing/Squat Clams (External rotation) – external rotation at the hip targets the glute max.

For the Video, Click HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 18.33.30

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