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Golf Fitness Five in 5: Women’s Power Exercises for more Speed

Golf Fitness Five in 5: Women’s Power Exercises for more Speed

Here’s five exercises which are great for increasing club head speed in the golf swing. In particular these are aimed at women golfers (below I explain why), however, many golfers will benefit from performing these exercises. For the video of the exercises, click HERE.

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Here’s the list of exercises and why they are great for women golfers:

  1. Squat with Rotation – this is great for loading into the hips and strengthening the glutes (in particular the glute medius). It helps to train weight transfer (into trail and lead side), using the legs powerfully and trains the muscles to decelerate/control movement.
  2. Step with Baseball Swing – this exercise is great for sequencing (i.e. hips-trunk-arms), weight transfer and generating speed/moving quickly. Additionally, performing these left handed is great for co-ordination.
  3. “Swoosh” Drill – Similar to the above exercise, this is great for developing speed through the ball.
  4. Plyo. Push Up – This exercise helps both upper body strength and power. Furthermore, this can also be a great core exercise (aiming to keep the stomach braced with no movement from the trunk when performing each rep).
  5. Windmills – This exercise will help with rotational speed, lower body and core strength/stability and upper-lower body separation (depending upon your specific swing style).

Start by performing about 10 reps of each exercise (both sides if needed), 2-3 times per week. 

Of course, specific exercises depend upon context. However, for the majority of female amateur golfers, driver club head speed is only 60-70mph. And I think for many women, club head speed and driving distance could be one attribute they need to work on and will benefit the most from. Imagine just 10-20 yards further off the tee… makes a big difference!

Often women golfers might perform Pilates and Yoga based exercises (which can be great too), however, these are not usually performed quickly. Hence, the recommendation of these exercises which all involve moving quickly. Women often lack upper body strength (especially relative to body weight), which is why I have includes the Plyo. Push Ups.

Conclusion: Its all about moving quickly.

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