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What is Golf Fitness?

What is Golf Fitness?

This is a question I get quite often. People usually follow it up with; “It’s about core stability and stretching, right…?” So I thought I would attempt to put it in writing about what I do in terms of golf fitness.

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To sum it up in a sentence, Golf Fitness is to:

“help golfers move better and get stronger, to reduce the risk of injuries associated with golf, allow golfers to perform movements required within their desired golf swing and permit them to complete a round of golf to the best of their ability.”

If golfers have stronger muscles, bones and connective tissues and can move better, this will give them the opportunities to make the movements they (or their coach) want during the golf swing and more importantly, reduce their risk of injury.

Golfers are right to think that stretching and core stability are important for golf, however, they are only a couple of pieces of the jigsaw. HERE is another post I wrote pointing out the Components of Golf Fitness.

What would a Golf Fitness Programme look like?

It would completely depend upon each individual golfer and their goals. The programme would be based upon a golfers swing and what they and their coach are working towards and many other variables, which are shown up during an assessment. This could include anything from the correct on course nutrition to improving glute activation and hip stability.

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