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Golf Posture and The Hip Hinge

Golf Posture and The Hip Hinge

The Hip Hinge Movement Pattern (Video HERE).

This basic movement pattern is essential for golfers (and non golfers) to master. Particularly for golfers to get into a good set up posture when addressing the ball. But also for the gym when performing exercises such as the Kettlebell Swing and Deadlift (inc. derivatives).

Why is the hip hinge important for golf:

  1. Load the posterior chain
  2. Minimise back pain/stress
  3. Optimise efficiency in the golf swing

As mentioned in the video, you can still get into a posture which might look pretty good (i.e. straight-ish back posture) but if you have gone about it in the wrong way, you could be loading up the wrong parts of the body/ wrong muscles. It might look good, but you are going to be less efficient in the golf swing (for example, transferring power from the lower body upwards to the golf club) and you could be increasing your risk of injury, or at least aches and pains. Particularly in the low back if you have performed an anterior pelvic tilt (i.e. tipped pelvis forwards) or arched your low back from a flexed set up posture.

Following on from the example above, this anterior pelvic tilt will not load the big hip muscles such as the glutes and hamstrings especially compared to a hip hinge.

The video above provides a couple of drills to help improve your hip hinge and golf set up posture.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 21.38.33

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