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Golf Specific Circuit Training

Golf Specific Circuit Training

Circuit Training is great. It’s great for general cardio-respiratory fitness, strength-endurance and perfect to improve your basic movement patterns;¬†All¬†important for golf performance. I have tried to go one further here and include some golf specific movement patterns into a little circuit. This way, it will not only help your general fitness on and off the course, but will also help your golf swing too.

HERE’s why cardio-respiratory fitness is important for golf.

Here’s the exercises included in the circuit and what each is working/the goal of each exercise:

1. Squat/Jump Squats (squat movement pattern, lower body strength and power/explosiveness and deceleration strength)

2. Cable Bent Over Row w/ Rotation in Golf Posture (Pulling strength/back and arm strength, torso rotary movement and maintaining golf posture and core stability)

3. “10 and 2” Lunges (lower body strength and lunge movement pattern, weight transfer, multidirectional movement)

4. Side Plank w/ Rotation (core strength and stability, rotary movement pattern and shoulder and shoulder blade strength and stability)

5. Mini-band “In and Outs” in Golf Posture (maintenance of golf posture and glute medius strength)

6. Cable Mini Rotations (bracing movement pattern, lower body stability/strength and torso separation)

7. Plank w/ Leg Raises (bracing movement pattern, core stability and glute max. activation)

8. Single Hand Cable Press w/ Rotation (pushing movement pattern/strength, weight transfer and rotary movement pattern)

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Click HERE for the video where I demonstrate each exercise in the circuit.

HERE is another post and video of some cardio-strength training.

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