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Golf Specific Planks

Golf Specific Planks

Here’s SevenĀ Golf Specific Planks…. Or at least, progressing the plank exercise, making it a little more challenging and trying to incorporate some movements which will help your golf.

For the video, CLICK HERE.

1. Spiderman Plank with Donkey Kick – great for hip mobility and glute activation/strengthening

2. Pelvic Rotation Plank – great for working the obliques, controlling the pelvis and lower body separation.

3. Three-point Plank – great for working the glutes, resisting rotation/twisting at the core and for shoulder stability.

4. Side Plank/Bridge with Leg Raise – great exercise which really challenges the hip muscles as well as the core, particularly the obliques.

5. Plank with abductions and Extensions (with band) – this is a great variation targeting all of the glute muscles whilst maintaining good posture in the plank position.

6. Plank with Rotation – this is great for working the core and shoulder stability during movement/rotation specific to the golf swing.

7. Stir the Pot – with the elbows on an unstable surface this is great or increasing shoulder stability whilst further challenging core stability.

Make sure you can do a normal plank for 60 seconds before you try some of the harder variations. HERE’s a video on how to do a Plank.

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