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Hit It Longer In 30 Days. The Results.

Hit It Longer In 30 Days. The Results.

The RESULTS are in from the recent “Hit It Longer in 30 days” challenge!

More from Matt Scott, Golf Fitness Expert at the Mike Yorke Golf Academy,  along with a GREAT Christmas offer for PERSONAL TRAINING!

Hit It Longer in 30 Days!

With some players having completed their 30 day challenge I am really excited to share the results with you! I would firstly like to thank everybody who has taken part in this golf fitness initiative and the fantastic effort each one has shown to complete the golf fitness programme over their 30 days.

A Recap Of The Challenge

A 5-minute warm up exercise programme was completed five times a week for 30 days to hit the ball further. Pre and post tests for club head speed, ball speed and driving distance (with a five iron) were recorded using FlightScope.

Now For The Results…

Results have been really interesting and the good news is that no golfers regressed in terms of distance! Improvements were varied and range from no change in driving distance to increases of up to 30 per cent and no change in club head speed, up to a 17 per cent increase! When measuring the players reaction to the training regime a significant number of golfers have reported feeling more flexible after doing the exercises within the programme and have added them to their own warm up.


There have been a number of great results and this shows that it doesn’t take much to see results from introducing golf fitness into your golf game. Difficulties with the unfavourable change in weather (such as the drop in temperature) between the pre and post testing and the inconsistent nature of the golf swing could have limited some of the impressive results.


Don’t worry if you missed out this time, as I will be keen to run this programme again in the near future. If you are interested in introducing golf fitness into your game, please contact me here!

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