How to reduce your risk of injury playing golf

Top 5 ways to reduce your risk of injury playing golf…
2 of 5 – General/Everyday postures – The way you sit, stand and do all sorts of things will affect your golf swing. If we can improve our everyday postures, it will not only reduce the risk of injuries/aches/pains off the course, but on it too.

Better posture will carry over to your golf swing/set up, allowing you to move more efficiently (and as mentioned in part 1, reduce the risk of injury through inefficient biomechanics, McHardy et al, 2006). 

I’m not just talking about back posture here either… think about the positioning of your feet, hips/pelvis head, shoulders etc. All are important.

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#1 of 5 HERE

#3 of 5 coming soon

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