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It’s All About The GLUTES!

It’s All About The GLUTES!

How to turn bicep curls into a Glute exercise.

How to get the most out of exercises in the gym and to help improve your golf performance.

Glute strength (thats the strength of your bum muscles) is essential, not only to help performance in golf, but many other sports too. If you know (or even just think) your glutes are weak or under-developed, here’s how to get the most out of your time in the gym.

A few glute bridges might be a great start when looking to improve glute strength. However, making sure you are squeezing/bracing/clenching your buttocks during other exercises can also provide a great additional workout for your glutes. This is a great way to add more volume of exercise targeting weak glutes.

Additionally (and probably most importantly), this is great practise for activating and controlling your glutes. You should have awareness (a connection between your brain and the muscles) so that if you want to ‘tense’ any muscle in the body, you can. In this case, that would be the glutes!

Although this post is about concentrating on the glutes, other muscles where this could apply include the shoulder blade muscles and stomach (or core, if you like). These three areas often need to be strengthening for many golfers. And great focus and attention on these areas should be a priority in the gym.

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Take home point: Think about what you are doing in the gym. Think about what you want to achieve from an exercise. And if there is a muscle and/or part of the body you need to improve, get the most out of your time in the gym. 

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