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Joint-By-Joint Approach to Golf Fitness

Joint-By-Joint Approach to Golf Fitness

Joint-By-Joint Approach to Golf Fitness

If you play golf, then you will know that it can be difficult to move into certain positions during your swing or certain movements might be causing you pain. This could be because you lack the required mobility or stability needed to complete a golf swing. A a result you may make compensations during your swing.

Mobility is defined as the available movement around a joint.

Stability is the ability to hold a certain posture or position.

The easiest way to know where you need to have mobility and where you need stability during the golf swing is to follow the ‘Joint-by-Joint’ approach. The Joint-by-Joint approach describes an alternating pattern of mobility and stability throughout the joints in the body (as shown below).

Ankle = Mobility

Knee = Stability

Hip = Mobility

Lumbar Spine (Low back) = Stability

Thoracic Spine = Mobility

Scapula (shoulder blades) = Stability

Shoulder (Glenohumeral Joint) = Mobility

Elbow = Stability

Wrist = Mobility

By improving your mobility around those joints that require good mobility and improving stability at those joints that need stability can help you not only improve your golf swing, but reduce the risk of injury during you golf swing, help you hit the ball straighter and further and lower your handicap.

This approach is not only important for golfers, but is important to reduce the risk of injury and maintain a healthy musckuloskeletal system in all sports and daily living. Aim to optimise your mobility around those joints that require more mobility and likewise with stability. Remember that all joints need both mobility and stability, some just need more of one than the other.


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