JOLF @ The London Golf Show

I was fortunate enough to attend the London Golf Show this weekend (for the first time) but it wasn’t just to look around; I was coaching at the JOLF station. JOLF is Junior Golf, and the aim of them being at the London Golf Show was to create awareness of the brand.

JOLF had teamed up with GolfParc (from Factory Eleven) for the weekend, for children and adults to see what JOLF is all about and use equipment created by Factory Eleven.

JOLF chipping station


Nearest the Pin









As seen from the pictures above, a few stations were set up, where each child and their parent/grandparents (if they wanted to play too) could have fun and score points. These included hitting through hoops, chipping onto a Velcro fairway and green and finally a nearest the pin.

It was great to see all children, young and old have a great time the JOLF station. It was also good to see the parents getting involved too, especially when you have three generations of the same family playing and competing against each other.

I witnessed some fantastic shots and some hole in ones on the nearest the pin. What was also great about the GolfParc equipment, was that the children could move it around, to make their own miniature golf hole, which included bunkers, water, trees, a green and flag stick.

The GolfParc equipment was fantastic and just great fun. Even the Trick Shot Boys (Kevin and Geoff) had great fun, making use of it! The GolfParc equipment is just perfect for children to learn golf and in an environment such as JOLF, children can development fantastic movement, mind set and golf skills.

JOLF & Trick Shot Boys Video

Every child that came to the JOLF station plenty of fun, a great experience and many came back again for another go. This could also be said about some of the parents too! All in all, it was a great day; Both JOLF and Factory Eleven brands should have gained some good exposure and interest from many different people who attended the show.

For more information on JOLF or Factory Eleven click on the links below.

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