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Lower Body, Unilateral Strength Training for Golf

Lower Body, Unilateral Strength Training for Golf

I love using unilateral lower body strength training exercises with golfers. So many benefits of using these in your exercise programme alongside bilateral lower body exercises. Unilateral exercises, simply meaning, to train one side of the body independently to the other.

Here’s some of the benefits of lower body unilateral strength training exercises:

  1. Stability in frontal plane
  2. Improving strength asymmetries
  3. Improving grip strength
  4. Less load on spine/low back
  5. Balance (balance on a single leg)
  6. Easier and less mobility required (possibly)
  7. Single leg loading pattern

HERE’s a video of some of my favourite exercises to use with golfers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 17.18.08

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