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More Pulling Exercises For Junior Golfers!

More Pulling Exercises For Junior Golfers!

This post could quite easily have been more pulling exercises for golfers or even, more pulling exercises for everyone. This is because of the poor posture so many of us have nowadays, caused through numerous reasons that I will touch on below. However, this post will be aimed at junior golfers.

The first hurdle might be to get your junior golfers doing strength training to begin with, before you even try to integrate more pulling exercises into their programmes. But lets forget about that hurdle for a minute, and look at why we need more pulling exercises.

Children are prone to poor posture nowadays with the amount of time spent sitting, watching T.V. and playing video games. For junior golfers it is made worse through carrying their golf bags (not to mention their school backpacks too).  Poor posture can increase your risk of injury and increase joint stress, especially when combined with golf. Furthermore, young children are developing back pain and bad backs associated with adults.

All of the above promotes a Kyphotic posture, with shoulders rounded forwards and chest pointing towards the floor. From this habitual posture the muscles on the front of the body become tight and the muscles on the back become over stretched and weak.

In golf, it is very important to have good posture and important for the muscles on your back to work properly. If you are not set up to the ball with good posture, it will effect the rest of your golf swing! Secondly, the failure to control your shoulder blades during the golf swing can lead to compensations, poor striking and loss of club head speed and driving distance.

The first job for exercise is to counteract poor posture and habits during everyday life and/or in the golf swing. Here are some pulling exercises to get started with.

These are just a few examples. If you do not currently do any strength training, GET STARTED! Remember to keep it fun and strength training doesn’t have to be formal or gym based exercise. The Tug-of-War is a great example of this.

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