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New Driver Fitting @ Silvermere Golf Club

New Driver Fitting @ Silvermere Golf Club

Only Left Handed golfers will know the frustration of trying out new clubs! Not to mention if you need an x-stiff shaft, there’s never anything to try. That’s why I took a little trip to Silvermere golf club, where they have the Left Handed golf shop.


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After a lesson with Steve Furlonger (PGA pro at Redhill Golf Centre), I knew my current driver (and rest of my clubs) were not right…. Ball flight was too high and way too much spin!

Here’s my swing data (click link below) from my fitting session at Silvermere GC. The Titleist D2 with the x-dtiff Diamana white board shaft performed the best (with the best ball flight). I was a little dissapointed with the Callaway alpha and Taylormade R15. For a lefty, this was the best chance I have had at trying new clubs out, and therefore, would definitely recommend it.


My club head speed has increased this year by about 10mph through strength training and in one of my next posts, I will outline my training programme and how I did it. Maybe a little different to what many of you might expect!

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