Pancakes: Perfect Golf Nutrition

Pre-Round Nutrition for Golf


Pancakes are the perfect breakfast before you play golf. However I’m not talking about your typical pancakes (made with flour, eggs and milk and the sugary toppings), I’m talking about great tasting, slow release, energy boosting, Protein Pancakes. (Recipe can be found HERE).

Do you lose energy towards the end of your round and do you start to make more mistakes? This is a good sign that you haven’t eaten the appropriate food, you haven’t hydrated well enough (throughout your round) or you are physically unfit.

Unlike the usual snacks or breakfast choices golfer might choose, these Pancakes can provide a slow release energy with high protein and fibre. They are a great choice, and much better than the usually high carb, and low protein cereals, processed alternatives. They don’t take long to make either.

If you don’t have protein powder (or don’t want to add it), these Pancakes are still great without it. The oats will still provide slow release energy and fill you up for the morning.

One of many times I have made these Pancakes... This time was with fruit and yogurt.

One of many times I have made these Pancakes… This time was with fruit and yogurt.

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