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Quick Fix For Golf

Quick Fix For Golf

Every golfer is looking for a ‘Quick Fix’; a tip which will stop their slice or a new golf club which will help them hit the ball further.

Golfers love these Quick Fixes because it means that there is no commitment, minimal effort and there’s a potential for a quick and less time intensive result/improvement. This obviously seems like a good idea and can be great, if the quick fix does actually help improve your golf game. This is why a new golf club is such an attractive prospect.

However, these Quick Fixes might be well intentioned and may initially work or improve some aspect of golf performance, they are not the best approach to long term improvement. Also, many quick fixes are built upon logical fallacies.  E.g. Tiger Woods uses a Nike driver and he hits it a long way. Therefore, if I were to use the same Nike driver, I’m going drive the ball a long way too. There are lots of examples of these which golf brands and advertising companies love to use!

Here is a quick fix for golfers that will help improve your game more than a new set of clubs will.  And unlike a new set of clubs, costing hundreds of pounds, I’m giving this Quick Fix away for FREE.

The best quick fix for golfers is to WARM UP. Do it before playing and practising. This will improve your backswing, increase driving distance, reduce your risk of injury and more. It is hardly a commitment either! Obviously, if you don’t have much time, then something/anything will be better than nothing. That’s why I suggest trying this 3 minute golf warm up. 

3 Minute Golf Warm Up

Remember, it is not specific to any one golfer. This is also the minimum you should do before hitting any golf balls. Try to add your own specific warm up exercises in after you complete these exercises. Specific exercises for your own golf swing will depend upon your swing faults, bad shots/miss hits and technical things you are working on with your coach.


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