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Quick Tip For Golf

Quick Tip For Golf

Golf is an asymmetrical sport. You do more with one side of the body compared to the other. As a result you are going to create some muscular imbalances. And the more you play/practise, the worse they can get.

These muscular imbalances can cause compensations in movement (leading to certain swing characteristics) and can also lead to injury.

Here is a brilliantly simple tip that’s great at reducing some of those muscular imbalances accumulated from playing golf. For the right handed golfer, make some swings left handed and for a left handed golfer, make some swings right handed (I told you it was simple).

This is a great drill to not only reduce these muscular imbalances and the risk of injury, but help improve motor control, co-ordination and mobility. Furthermore, it can also help you hit the ball further!

Try this drill in your warm up next time you play or try it at home. Start with 15-20 swings left handed (for RH golfer) and right handed (for a LH golfer) every time before you play.

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