Resistance Band Exercises for Golf Strength and Stability

Resistance bands can be a great tool to help improve your fitness for golf. They are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere, from the gym, at home and the driving range. In the video below I demonstrate just a few exercises to help improve your golf. The exercise in this video help improve strength and stability around the glutes, core and upper back. Three areas golfers need good strength and stability.

HERE‘s the video of exercises and how to perform them.

  1. X-band Walks – glutes and upper back strength
  2. Band Pull Aparts – upper back strength
  3. Band Follow-throughs – hip strength and power,
  4. Overhead Squat (with Band)
  5. Plank with Leg Raises (with GolfBand Loop)

resistance band follow-throughs

If you haven’t performed these exercises before, it is recommended you use a lighter resistance band, and progress onto a heavier/stronger one over time.


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