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The Reverse Wood Chop Exercise For Golf

The Reverse Wood Chop Exercise For Golf

I often prefer this Reverse Wood Chop exercise to the traditional Cable Wood Chop exercise for many golfers.

The traditional wood chop exercise kinda looks like the downswing movement during the golf swing. And often wrongly performed to mimic the golf downswing.

The Reverse Wood Chop however, is more like the follow through part of the golf swing. Again, not that we are trying to replicate a specific part of the golf swing. But here’s what I like about the reverse wood chop:

  1. Weight transfer – it involves transferring weight from the trail side to lead side, similar to the golf swing.
  2. Triple extension – A somewhat similar movement pattern to the golf swing where the hip, knee and ankle of the trail leg extend (i.e. straighten from a slightly flexed position)
  3. Rotational Movement pattern – as much as I like golfers to master sagittal plane exercises for speed and power, you can’t neglect lateral/sideways and rotational power moves for golfers.
  4. Generates force and speed from the lower body – performing the reverse wood chop at speed is great for developing speed and power from the lower body. This is one of the main reasons I prefer this exercise to the traditional wood chop (i.e. development of force).
  5. Works the whole body – this exercise is great for working the whole body, with force initiated from the lower body, then the force being transferred through the core to the arms.

HERE’s how to perform the Reverse Wood Chop using a cable/ dual adjustable pulley.

Reverse Wood Chop

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