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Shoulder Rotation for a Bigger Backswing

Shoulder Rotation for a Bigger Backswing

Shoulder rotation is essential for optimal movement efficiency during the golf swing. Not only can it help increase club head speed, but can increase driving distance, improve ball striking, and reduce the risk of elbow injuries (such as golfers elbow and tennis elbow).

For good shoulder mobility its important to have good posture through the spine, particularly the thoracic spine. Additionally, positioning of the shoulder blades (scapula) is also important. Both allowing for optimal movement of the shoulder (glenohumeral joint) itself. This video below however, mostly focuses on external rotation movement and flexibility of the shoulder (chest and Lats) and scapula retraction.

Here’s some shoulder external rotation exercises to help all of the above. These exercises can be performed anywhere (at home, in the gym or on the range) and only require a resistance band (in the video I’m using the GolfBand).

Exercises include:

  1. Overhead Lat and Chest stretches for flexibility
  2. “W’s” drill for external rotation and scapula retraction
  3. No moneys (plus variations) for external rotation and scapula retraction
  4. Assisted external rotation stretch

As mentioned above, spine posture and scapula positioning is essential for optimal shoulder (glenohumeral joint) movement. HERE’s a video to help improve posture for golfers.

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