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Spine Posture During the Golf Swing

Spine Posture During the Golf Swing

Here’s five exercises to help improve posture during your golf swing and to help reduce the risk of low back pain. Your set up posture will effect how efficiently you move and will also influence your club head speed.

Here’s how to improve your posture:

  1. Hip Hinge (with Dowel) Рbeing able to hinge at the hip and maintain good back posture is essential. Using a dowel or golf club down your back provides feedback as to where you are moving.
  2. Cat-Dog exercise – this provides awareness of where your spine/back is and can help improve mobility in the spine
  3. Pelvic tilts – being able to control the pelvis is essential for an efficient golf swing and good set up posture.
  4. Trunk rotations with lateral flexions – improving/ working on spine rotation and lateral flexion can help improve mobility, not only in rotation, but extension and flexion too.
  5. Side Plank – good core stability is essential for maintaining good posture and being able to set up into good posture.

Spine posture Hip Hinge with dowel

Click HERE for the video of the exercises.


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