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Well done to Kevin Lee, the 2016 Kingwood Club Champion.

Well done to Billy Groom for winning the U15s (Sussex) County Champs 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 07.12.11

Well Done to Nathan Longley (left) and Billy Groom (Middle) for winning the U18s and U16s England South Region Championship, Faldo Series 2016 (at East Sussex National).

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 23.43.25

Well Done to Tom Hayward for winning his first Jamega Pro Tour event (Leatherhead 2016)

Tom Hayward 2016 win

Well Done to Nathan Longley on winning the 2016 Worthing Club Champs.

Nathan Longely Worthing Club Champs 2016

Well Done Tom Bailey on winning his first college comp in the US (2016).

tom bailey1 tom bailey 2

Well Done to Marco Penge on winning the Amateur Scottish Open 2015 (mens)

Marco Penge Scottish Open Am 2015

Well Done to Marco Penge on winning the McEvoy Trophy 2015.

Marco penge wins McEvoy 2015

Well Done to Mikey Doble – Surrey Boys Champion 2015.

mikey doble surrey boys champ 2015

Well Done to Jake Peate – Sussex Boys County Champ 2015

jake peate sussex county champ boys 2015

Golf Fitness Instructor


Matt Scott TPI Golf Fitness Instructor


Fitness for golfer Marco Penge


“I’ve been working with Matt for almost a year and a half, and now feel healthier, fitter and less injury prone than ever before. The workouts are challenging but fun, and being in better shape has added to my enjoyment of the game. My handicap has improved from 5 to 2 – the extra yardage off the tee definitely helped!” Darren, Spain


“I’ve been training with Matt for just over a year now in order to achieve my weight loss and fitness goals in weekly PT sessions and I quickly received amazing results after just 3 months. My success is largely due to Matt’s unique training style, my personalised training sessions and challenging but achievable goal setting.

Matt is very passionate about fitness and it clearly shows through the energy he brings to each session, he is easy going and his friendly personality creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Each workout with Matt is challenging but most importantly, they’re fun!

He places a high importance on the correct technique with each exercise and motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get those all important results! If you’re considering a new, healthier lifestyle and are looking for a personal trainer then I would highly recommend Matt Scott.” Maurice, Sussex.


“I have been working with Matt now for 6 months to help achieve my general fitness goals and golf specific goals in our monthly PT sessions and I quickly achieved great results after a couple of months. My success is largely due to Matt’s positive approach, training methods and my personalized training sessions.

Matt is very passionate about fitness and it highlights it even more with his passion and energy in each of our sessions, he is a great guy and his friendly personality means it is more relaxing and it makes me enjoy what I am doing even more.

Each different workout in my personalized session is challenging in its own right but most importantly fun and enjoyable to do. He emphasizes the importance of the correct technique with each and every exercise and it really motivates me to push past my limits to get even better results!

If you are considering a much fitter lifestyle and are looking for an easy going personal trainer, then I would seriously recommend Matt!” Anthony, Surrey.


“Matt has helped me immensely over the last 6 months improve my core strength and flexibility, providing specific exercises to help improve my
golf.  The results have been truly fantastic, I now have a stable platform and the ability to coil my body, which has allowed me to add 25 to 50 yards to my golf shots.  Matt provides variety to the workout plan, always motivates you through the session and can design exercises for any situation.

Recently my dropping of the kite on our racing dinghy had slowed down and was impacting our performance.  Matt developed an exercise and within two weeks, the issue was sorted and I was quicker than I have ever been – Thanks Matt.” Marc, Sussex. 


“Matt has worked with me over the last 8 months using an evolving routine of exercises to increase rotation, flexibility and strength, plus balance which has always been a weakness.

This is all aimed at improving my golf fitness and physical ability to implement the instructions of my coach and play better golf. It is working exceptionally well. Particularly my ability to rotate shoulders or hips independently about my spine, maintenance of balance, and special awareness of where and what is actually moving, have allowed me to make amazing improvements with every aspect of the golf game involving any club, from putter to irons, to woods.

He is also a nice guy to work with.” Jon, Sussex.


Work with golfers


Client/Golfers in the Gym


Golf Fitness Clients


golf fitness client wins junior comp

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