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Top 5 ways to reduce your risk of injury playing golf…

Top 5 ways to reduce your risk of injury playing golf…

5 of 5 – Warm up – To keep this short, I think a warm up is important to reduce the risk of injury and to help improve performance.

For example, this could be from performing exercises to improve movement patterns, co-ordination and alertness to physically warming up the muscles and connective tissues.

Golfers that do perform a warm up tend to focus on stretching and swinging a club or two around (Fradkin, 2001). A few practice swings (air swings) on the first tee might help you feel a bit looser and maybe warm the muscles up a little, but I think we all know, that it’s not a proper warm up!

It might not be that first tee swing that you feel your back ‘twinge’ or shoulder ‘go’, but the stress on the body could add to or start the process of an overuse injury. For example, I have already mentioned the importance of good movement patterns/ biomechanics (in post 1 of 5) to reduce injury risk.

Besides from injury its probably one of the easiest ways to improve golf performance (Tiley & Macfarlane, 2012).

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