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Trunk Rotation Exercises for a Bigger Backswing

Trunk Rotation Exercises for a Bigger Backswing

Here’s some trunk/torso/t-spine rotational stretches to help improve your golf swing… for a bigger backswing and to put less stress on the low back.

In the golf swing, you need to rotate around the hips, trunk (thoracic spine/ t-spine) and shoulders. Click HERE for the video of stretches to improve your trunk rotation. In the video there is also a test/re-test to perform before and after the stretches to see if you have improved!

Stretches include:

1. Open Book mobility

2. Quadruped thoracic rotations

3. Trunk rotations with lateral flexions

4. Figure 4 stretch

5. Backswing stretch

6. Hip 90-90 trunk rotations with flexion-extensions

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 18.34.58

All of the above are working on rotational mobility and range of motion, from lying/supine, sitting or standing. A couple of the stretches include lateral flexion, flexion and extension of the spine too. This is thought to help mobility the spine/vertebrae, helping rotational mobility and range of motion.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend performing all the exercises in one go. But you can certainly perform the test, try 30-60 seconds of 1-2 of stretches then re-test to see which ones work best for you.

I would recommend performing a couple 2-3 times per week, unless your range of motion during the test is less than 45*, then you should aim to perform a couple every day.

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