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TRX Exercises for Golf (Golf Fitness Five in 5)

TRX Exercises for Golf (Golf Fitness Five in 5)

Here’s five of my favourite exercises for golfers using the TRX. The TRX is a great piece of equipment, especially if you don’t have a gym or much equipment.

HERE’s the video to the exercises and below is why I like each exercise…

1. Overhead Squat – this is a great exercise to work on full body mobility and strength. Just what the golf swing requires!

2. Inverted Row – this exercise will work the upper back, one of the most important areas of the body for golfers to strengthen. And of course, this exercise is working the core too. Upper back, glutes and core, are probably the three most important parts of the body for golfers to strengthen… this exercises hits all three!

3. Mountain Climbers – this core exercise is only made harder using the TRX. Great for the core and posture, but also shoulder strength/stability too.

4. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat – not only will this exercise help strengthening the legs, in particular the glute medius, whilst working on hip mobility, its great for balance in the frontal plane.

5. Windmills (variation) – the movement pattern here is obviously more golf specific. This exercise is great for working on your backswing, increasing your turn and rotational mobility. But with this exercise/drill, you can tailor it to your swing and the specifics you are working on.

TRX golf exercises


Just within these five exercises, you can see how you can strengthen keys parts of the body, improve mobility and balance. The TRX is a great tool, especially if you don’t have access to much equipment.

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