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Will you lose club head speed (or Power) if you do ‘Cardio’?

Will you lose club head speed (or Power) if you do ‘Cardio’?

“Train Slow, Be Slow” is a term often thrown around the fitness/ strength and conditioning industries and as a result, many have stayed away from cardio (or at least long, slow bouts of cardio, compared to high intensity sprints etc).
As I have been training for a half marathon, I thought I would test this myself… I had my 6-iron club head speed measured at the beginning of the year (by Steve Furlonger at Golf Made Simple Online using his GC2 HMT) which was 97-100mph, and when I re-tested earlier this week, it was exactly the same.
I have been doing 2-3 runs per week (one of which, intervals of 90s on, with 60s recovery) and some strength training to maintain strength.
I don’t think doing some slow cardio sessions will effect CHS and in fact, think it could positively influence your golf performance and recovery, but if you are looking to improve CHS, this might be a different story (more on that later!).

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